Biomass to Liquid Fuel

Biomass to Liquid Fuel is a multi-step process.
We have developed Biomass to Liquid Fuel technology. We can use any Biomass residues or organic wastes such as short rotation trees, perennial grasses, straw, bark, bagasse, waste paper, reclaimed wood or fibre based composites.

Absolutely the raw material of biomass with huge quantum is available in all parts of the Tropical Region, spread across the world. Forest and Agriculture residue are the two main sources of Biomass available.  We have developed Biomass to Liquid Fuel Plant which will solve their issue.

Biomass to BioFuel Technology is an alternative biofuel extraction method. This biomass to liquid fuel technology done by three ways: thermal conversion, chemical conversion, and biochemical conversion.

Biomass to Liquid Fuel Process

a) Pretreatment

While deriving Liquid fuels from Biomass, we pre treat them. Moisture control is also key in Biomass Pretreatment.

b) Process

Biomass to Liquid is thermochemical process. Upon further working on derived liquid, we are able to receive liquid fuel having similar characteristics of fossil derived fuels.

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Biomass to Fuel Uses

biomass to liquid fuel technology Heating Fuel Biomass Liquid as Transport Fuel Biomass to Liquid Chemicals Biomass to Liquid Fuel for Power Generation
Heating Fuel Transport Fuel Bio Chemicals Power Generation


Biomass to Liquid Fuel Technology

The derived liquid fuel has promising values as substitute of petroleum. The further process on Biomass can result into High Quality Fuel or Aviation Fuel. Since derived from Agriculture waste, the BTL Fuel will be effective in reducing environmental pollution.

It extracted by biomass to liquid Fuel technology. The dried biomass goes in a reactor at temperature of about 500°C, followed by cooling. It is kind of tar with high levels of hydrocarbons.

We have Biomass to Bio-Oil Solution. The characteristics of Bio Oil differs w.r.t. source material.