Biomass to Biofuel

We developed biomass to biofuel technology. Biomass to Biofuel conversion by pyrolysis process, is an efficient energy source.

Biomass to Biofuel technology has, 2 advantages

  •  Reducing dependency on Fossil FuelBiomass to Biofuel
  •  Effective Biomass handling and Conversion



Biomass to Biofuel Plant

Biomass to Biofuel Plant


 We have developed Biomass to Biofuel Plant. Deriving Second Generation  biofuels was our main objective. 

 The Bio char,Biofuel, and Syngas are derivatives of Biomass to      Biofuel Plant. Read More about Biomass to Biofuel Plant




Biomass to Biofuel Technology

Wood remains largest Biomass energy source till date. Based on the source of biomass, the biofuels classified into two major categories.

First Generation Biofuels derived from sources such as sugarcane and corn starch. Sugars present in this biomass fermented to produce bioethanol. An alcohol fuel, which furthermore used directly in a fuel cell to produce electricity. It an also serve as an additive to gasoline. However, utilizing food based resource for fuel production aggravates food shortage problem.

Second Generation Biofuels uses non-food based biomass sources such as agriculture and municipal waste. It mostly consists of non edible Lignocellulosic Biomass. It is a low value waste for many industries. Despite being the favored alternative, economical production of second generation biofuel is not yet achieved due to technological issues. We come across such issues and developed Biomass to Bio Oil Plant.

  • Biomass converted to other usable forms of energy like methane gas or transportation fuels like Ethanol and Biodiesel.
  • Crops such as corn and sugar cane, fermented to produce the transportation fuel.
  • Biodiesel produced from left-over food products like vegetable oils and animal fats.

We have unique solutions for Biomass with you, if you are

  • Corporate
  • State Governments
  • Federal Government
  • Non Profit Organisation
  • Farmer Co-operatives

Our Technology will give you

  • Earn Extra Revenue
  • Reducing Fossil Fuel Import
  • Employment Generation

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