Biomass to Biofuel Conversion

Biomass to Biofuel Conversion is most promising option in today’s world. Biomass means any Agricultural waste like Trees, Fronds, Grass, Garden waste, etc. The use of biomass to biofuel conversion technologies reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It also helps in ecological balance. In many cases, this results in significant Employment Generation.

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There are various biomass conversion technologies available. Biomass conversion process use energy directly. It termed as biomass to biofuel conversion. Depending on usage, the respective biomass conversion technology applied.

Biomass to Biofuel Conversion

Biomass Conversion Technologies

  1. Thermal Conversion
  2. Chemical Conversion


Biomass Thermal Conversion

Heat plays an important role in Biomass thermal conversion to other forms. Biomass Thermal conversion further divided as

  • Combustion
  • Gasification
  • Pyrolysis

Till today most of biomass conversion technologies consist of combustion of biomass. But combustion process has low efficiency. It even has Health and environmental concerns.

Biomass Gasification
means heating biomass at high temperatures with controlled amount of Oxygen. The biomass gasification technology has some advantages. It uses more efficient syngas than direct combustion of the original fuel. The resulting syngas either use for power production or for fuels. Biomass to BioFuel Conversion uses Biomass to methane process.

In Biomass Pyrolysis involves heating biomass at high temperatures without oxygen. It produces Bio-Oil, Bio char and Syngas. Learn more about Biomass to Bio Oil by Fast Pyrolysis Method.

Application of Thermal Conversion:  Heat, Electricity, Combined Heat and Power, Transport Fuel


A range of chemical processes used for Biomass to BioFuel Conversion. The produced fuel will be easy to store and transport. It involves chemical interactions to transform Biomass to Liquid fuel.

Biomass Biochemical Conversion

This involves use of enzymes bacteria and micro-organisms to break down biomass. The various processes are

  1. Anaerobic Digestion

    Also known as biomass to methane. Two processes of Anaerobic Digestion are mesophilic digestion and thermophilic digestion
  2. Fermentation

    Fermentation is process used for producing ethanol from starch. It is widely used in Alcohol manufacturing. Further distillation can offer transportation fuel.

  3. Composting

    Biomass Composting also called as aerobic decomposition of dry organic matter by micro-organisms. It usually use for heat production.

       Application of BioChemical Conversion: Alcohols, Ethanol, Fertilisers, Methane

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