Biomass to Bio Oil Plant

We use Pyroflash technology, in our Biomass to Bio Oil plant. In this, the Biomass heating at high temperature followed by immediate cooling results in liquid production. The derived liquid also called as Bio Oil.

Gas chromatography shows Bio Oil has properties of various known chemical elements. Such elements separation is crucial.

Our Biomass Pyrolysis Technology produces

  • Wood Acid
  • Middle Oil
  • Wood Gas
  • Wood Char

Biomass Pyrolysis Plant

We have developed Biomass Pyrolysis Plant. It converts any Biomass in pulverised form to Biofuel. The Bio char, Biofuel and Syngas are derivatives of Biomass Pyrolysis Plant. The further separation of Biofuel results of Wood Acid and Middle Oil production.

Biomass to Bio Oil Plant



Our Biomass Pyrolysis plant produces Wood gas (40%), Wood Acid (25%), Dry Oil (20%), Wet Oil (5%) and Biochar (10%). This is in ratio with Biomass.

Biomass to Bio Oil plant (2 Ton Biomass/day ) helps you to

  1.  Understand Business Potential and Feasibility
  2.  Establish Raw Material Supply Chain
  3.  Develop Business Model


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Dry Pyrolysis Oil Characteristics

Physical Property Typical Value
Heating value 24 MJ/Kg
Water Content 3 %
  Density, kg/m3 1200
Viscosity 30 °C 500 cst


Commercial Biomass to Bio Oil Plant

We have designed, 2Ton /day commercial production plant. We are working on making it as independent, mobile, continuous biomass to bio oil plant based, on Pyrolysis process.

The biomass to bio oil plant will produce Wood Acid, Middle Oil and Wood Char. The byproduct wood gas used for electricity generation, to run the plant operations.

We are testing plant for following Biomass raw materials

  • Wood
  • Grass
  • Crop Residues

Unique Features of our plant

Multiple products simultaneously

The pyrolysis technique is ideally suited to produce multiple products. The PyroFlash technology makes best uses of this characteristic. It can produce several oil fractions directly from the biomass in its separation section.

Compact Design

One of the design criteria for this technology was that it need, little ground space and little height. This was essential, for mobile plants building.

This mobile plant can locally convert biomass into products. The fast start-up and easy operation makes the use at multiple locations in a short span of time possible.