Biomass to Bio Oil

Biomass to Bio Oil

Biomass to Bio Oil conversion using Pyrolysis Process is an efficient method. Biomass Pyrolysis results in liquid Bio Oil. Our technology produces Bio Oil, Wood Acid, Wood Gas and Biochar from Biomass.

During Biomass Plantation activities, we came across the need of Fast,Convenient and Affordable Biomass conversion to liquid form. The Conversion of Biomass to Bio Oil solves, various Biomass Handling issues.

We have designed Biomass to Bio oil Plant of Size 2 MTPD. It’s significant step in Biomass to Biofuel Conversion. The Plant scaling is not an issue. We offer Biomass Bio oil Pyrolysis Plant of any custom size.



Biomass to Bio Oil (Pyrolysis)

Biomass Pyrolysis Oil Our Biomass to Bio Oil conversion process is a proven technology. Biomass Pyrolysis takes place when it heated to high temperatures in absence of Oxygen. The resulting gases are also quickly cooled. After cooling, the part of gases gets condensed into a Biomass Pyrolysis Oil also termed as Bio Oil.

The non-condensable gases has a modest heating value. It is useful in electricity generation. There is an also a solid product, called as char or Biochar. It contain carbon from the biomass. Along with non-volatile components of the biomass.

Wood Acid is another Biochemical obtained during the process. Further upgradation of Pyrolysis oils has huge potential. We are closely working on upgrading of Bio Oil.


Wood to Oil Conversion

Wood to Oil

Wood is easily available source for Biomass energy. Effective conversion of Wood to Oil has advantages. Send us your Business Enquiry. The Waste wood or Agricultural Waste like Crop Residues, Bagasse, Grass, etc. treatment is essential. Usually Farmers burns such agriculture waste which results into pollution.
Wood to Oil Conversion is an efficient technology. Our technology, bio crude oil from wood, milestone in waste wood industry.